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General terms of sales

These terms of sale are hereby entered into by Château de Versailles Spectacles (CVS) [share capital: 737,000 euros, based in Versailles, France, registered in Versailles under no. 451 290 613 00020, intra-Community VAT identification number FR74451290613], and any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via the web site of CVS.

These terms of sale define the contractual relationship between CVS and the buyer as well as the terms and conditions applicable to any purchase of ticket(s) on, the e-commerce web site of CVS, whether the buyer is a professional or a consumer. The buying of tickets through this web site implies knowledge and irrevocable and unreserved acceptance by the buyer of these terms of sale.

These terms of sale shall prevail over any other general or special terms and conditions that are not expressly approved by CVS. CVS shall be entitled to modify its terms of sale at any moment in time. In that case, the applicable terms and conditions shall be those that are in force on the date on which the buyer places his order.

  1. Orders, Payment and Delivery of the tickets to the buyer’s home

Tickets may be purchased from our web site over the Internet for all shows subject to the availability of seats in the category and/or at the rate sought.

1.a. Ordering tickets

The seats management module automatically allocates to you the best seats available, at the time when you access the site, in your chosen category. These seats are blocked for 30 minutes from the moment when you select them.

It is possible to buy seats for several shows during a single session on the web site by using the shopping basket.

Buyers wishing to buy tickets must:
- fill in the identification form on which they should state all the contact details requested or key in their client number if they have one;
- fill their shopping basket online by entering the reference data of their chosen shows;
- confirm their order after checking it;
- pay for their order in accordance with the stated terms (see 1.b. Paying for the order);
- confirm their order and its payment.

Confirmation of the order (by pressing on “Validate”) implies acceptance of these terms of sale, acknowledgement of being fully aware of all the applicable terms and conditions and a renunciation by the buyer to avail itself of its own terms of purchase or of any other terms and conditions. All of the data provided by the buyer and the buyer’s recorded confirmation shall serve as evidence of the transaction. The buyer’s confirmation shall be tantamount to a signature and acceptance of the transactions performed. The seller shall send confirmation of the order placed by electronic mail.

The buyer’s confirmation of any order shall make the sale firm and final. Any modification or cancellation of the purchase shall not be possible: tickets shall neither be exchanged nor reimbursed, even in case of loss or theft.
A paper invoice shall be sent to the buyer on request, setting out the VAT.
CVS shall be entitled to cancel any order placed by a client with whom there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order.

1.b. Paying for the order

Tickets may only be purchased online using bank cards or Paypal. CVS accepts cards from the following networks for online payments: Carte Bleue-Visa, American Express, Eurocard-Mastercard (see 3. Additional information).

The data recorded by CVS shall constitute evidence of all of the transactions between CVS and its clients. The data recorded by the secure payment system shall constitute evidence of the financial transactions.

The price of the tickets that are purchased shall be immediately debited from the buyer’s bank account. The prices shown on the web site of CVS shall be the applicable prices including tax in euros and shall comprise the VAT that is applicable on the date on which the order is placed; any change in the rate of VAT may be passed on to the prices of the goods or services. CVS shall be entitled to modify its prices accordingly at any moment in time, with the proviso that the price featuring on the web site on the date of the order shall be the price that is paid by the buyer. The prices quoted shall not comprise all handling and delivery costs incurred in connection with the orders: 3€ fees apply (see 1.c. Delivery of the tickets to the buyer’s home).

If you experience any problem at the time of purchasing your tickets, please contact the box-office service on+33 [0]1 30 83 78 89 during working hours.

1.c. Delivery of the tickets to the buyer's home

Once you have completed your online purchase, the tickets shall be sent out by regular post (+3 euros per order) to the address that you provided on our web site:
- Paris and Paris region = tickets will be sent out up to three days prior to the date of the show.
- Provincial France = tickets will be sent out up to five days prior to the date of the show.
- Abroad = tickets will be sent out up to fifteen days prior to the date of the show.

In case of a last-minute purchase which does not enable the tickets to be delivered to the buyer’s home (e.g. the tickets have been ordered less than 3 days before the show), the tickets shall be held at our box office and may be collected on the day of the show. To collect your tickets, please print out and bring your confirmation e-mail.

Upon receipt / collection of the ticket, the buyer should check the name, the date and time of the show as well as the price shown on the ticket. Given that no claim shall be countenanced after the performance, please inspect your tickets carefully.

Should you fail to receive your tickets, please contact the Box-office Department by telephone on +33 1 30 83 78 89 (Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm) or by e-mail at vasbf[DOG]

1.d. Specific conditions for print-at-home tickets (e-ticket)

The print-at-home ticket enables you to print tickets bought online at home with your printer.
To be valid, a home-printed ticket must be printed on a white sheet of A4 paper or be presented on a smartphone so that it can be read by a barcode reader. Each ticket corresponds to a seat bought.

Our print-at-home tickets have a unique barcode. Ticket validity is controlled and recorded at entry with barcode readers. It is impossible to be admitted several times with the same ticket. Reproduction of tickets is forbidden and will bring you no benefit. Only the first person presenting a ticket can attend the event. This person is presumed to be the legitimate carrier of the ticket. This is why it is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit a ticket in any way or to give access to it to anyone to such ends. Keep your ticket in a safe place. Exclusively use official sources to buy your ticket. Never accept a ticket proposed by an unknown person, as it could be a copy.

The organiser can refuse access to the event, when several impressions, reproductions, copies or imitations of a home-printed ticket are in circulation and access to the event has already been granted to the holder of a print, reproduction, copy or imitation of a print-at-home ticket. The organiser is notably not obliged to check the identity of a person presenting a home-printed ticket to check if he/she is the legitimate buyer of the ticket, nor to check the authenticity of the home-printed ticket, to the extent that an imitation or copy cannot be identified beyond doubt as such at the event entrance control. If the holder of a home-printed ticket is turned away at access control for this reason, there can be no refund of the price paid. (See also 2.a. and 2.c.)

  1. Liability, Claims

2.a. Liability

Château de Versailles Spectacles cannot be held liable:
- in case of non-receipt of the tickets due to a fault from postal services or resulting from a mistake in the information supplied by the client when ordering the ticket;

- for anomalies that can occur during order processing or printing of the print-at-home ticket, in so far as it has not caused them intentionally or by negligence, or in case of loss, theft or illicit use of the home-printable ticket. The client shall not receive any duplicate or certificate or any type of ticket, other than the initial ticket to be printed at home by the client.

As part of the online sales process, the seller shall only be bound by an obligation to deploy the requisite resources in order to achieve the aims sought; it shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of the Internet such as loss of data, intrusions, viruses, breakdowns of the service, or other problems beyond its control.

2.b. Personal data

In accordance with France’s data protection law dated 6 January 1978, the personal data provided by buyers may be processed automatically. Automated recording systems are used to provide evidence of the nature, the content and the date the orders that are placed.

Buyers may oppose the disclosure of their personal data by notifying CVS not to do so. Similarly, users have a right to access and rectify any data concerning them, in accordance with France’s data protection law of 6 January 1978.

CVS shall archive all orders and invoices on a durable and reliable medium to provide a reliable copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1348 of the Civil Code. The computerised registers of CVS shall be considered by the parties as valid evidence of the correspondence, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

2.c. Exclusion of the right to withdraw

Please note that in accordance with article L. 121-20-4 of France’s Code de la consommation [consumer laws], the buyer cannot exercise his right to withdraw in connection with accommodation, transportation, catering, leisure (shows) services which must be provided on a given date or according to a specific periodicity. These shall therefore not be reimbursed, even in case of cancellation of a show; the services shall in any event be designated as such to the buyers before the sale takes place, in the description of the offer.

As a rule, the access points to the venue shall close upon the start of the show.
- 5 minutes before the time mentioned on the ticket, numbered seats shall no longer be guaranteed.
- Spectators who arrive late will be unable to claim the seats they booked and will only be allowed into the venue upon interruption of the show, depending on accessibility criteria.
- Any late arrival cannot give rise to any reimbursement or compensation whatsoever.

If the show must be interrupted after the first half, the tickets shall not be reimbursed. If the date of the show is modified, the tickets shall either be reimbursed or deferred to the new date scheduled by the organiser. In case of cancellation of a show, only the price mentioned on the ticket shall be reimbursed, excluding any ancillary costs (shipping and handling costs, travel, accommodation, car parking, etc.).

  1. Additional information

Bookings may be made over the telephone on +33 [0]1 30 83 78 89, Monday to Friday from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm. People with impaired mobility must call this number prior to making any purchase.

In case of groups of 10 persons or more, a Group Rate shall apply, available only over the telephone. A group is any set of people (excluding theatre agencies and resellers) who purchase a minimum of 10 seats in one go for the same show of the musical season, or 30 tickets for a Fountains Shows session.

It is forbidden to photograph, film or otherwise record the shows. Mobile phones must absolutely be switched off in the performance venue.

The security of payments made by bank card on the web site is protected by the use of the CB Paybox system from PAYBOX SERVICES. PAYBOX SERVICES has secured permits and certifications from Cartes Bancaires, VISA and MASTERCARD directly, as well as from various private issuers and acquirers both for its remote sales services and for its Proximity Payment services (PAYBOX PROXI). PAYBOX SERVICES is PCI-DSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) by VISA and MASTERCARD. This certification, which is renewed each year, guarantees its platform’s high level of security and integrity.

Please note: specific terms of sale apply to online sales of our merchandising products.