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The Night Fountains show

Every Saturday from June 11th 2022 to September 17th + Thursday July 14th, Monday August 15th, Saturday September 24th 2022
From 8:30pm to 11:05pm


Every Saturday evening in summer, the Royal Gardens of Château de Versailles are decked out in thousands of lights and invite you to take a journey through time to the rhythm of the Sun King's music. A magical walk to discover the fountains and a dazzling finale of fireworks for all ages !
The Night Fountains Shows, a unique opportunity to stroll through the groves and fountains, usually closed to the public, and see their water features playing to the sound of music. Rediscover the greatest arias of baroque music from Lully to Charpentier, from Gluck to Rameau as you stroll. A unique and magical experience.
A two-and-a-half-hour walk filled with amazement and surprises, culminating in magnificent compositions of water jets and cascades of light at the Bassin de Neptune, the largest pool in the gardens of Château de Versailles.

For the grand finale of the evening, the pyrotechnics experts from Groupe F, world famous in their field, will present a show of royal fireworks on the Grand Perspective in the park !

From the Grand Perspective where you will admire the elegantly illuminated statues, topiaries and basins, to the recently restored Latona fountain... From the Green Carpet vibrating to the rhythm of monumental flames, to the Ballroom Grove where you will take a few dance steps surrounded by a thousand and one candles... From the Mirror Pool where modern jets of water intertwine before the surprising light of the Colonnade... From the Encelade Grove where you will discover the buried giant to Apollo's Bath Grove where you can stroll and admire the sculpted groups of the Thetis grotto... From the Three Fountains Grove where the rockeries and shells of the fountains set on three terraces will delight you, to the aerial effects of the contemporary fountain-sculptures of the Water Theatre... it is a walk full of surprises and marvels that awaits you. And as a climax, the magnificent compositions of water jets, baroque choreography and cascades of light at the Bassin de Neptune, the largest pool in the gardens of the Château de Versailles.

To round off the evening, the famous pyrotechnic magicians, the Groupe F fireworks team, invite you to the Grande Perspective for a royal fireworks display.

Groupe F, a world-renowned firework collective, has signed the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes and pyrotechnic shows at the Château de Versailles since 2007. Their last great feat was the incredible fireworks display on 31 December 2020 shown of French television channel, France 2, which lit up the Jardins à la Française to music by Mika. You may also have admired their work on the occasion of the Rio Olympic Games, or the year 2000 celebration at the Eiffel Tower...



Saturday, June 11th and 18th- Possibility for the Night Foutains show tickets holders of coming in a period costume

Saturday, June 9th- Performance of the Patrouille de France

Thursday, July 14th - National Day 

Monday, August 15th - Fire Night Show

Saturday, September 24th - The Electro Night Show

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©Agathe Poupeney

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Entrée Simple

25€ to 31€
CSE Hays 2022
Web Tarif Réduit
Web Tarif Plein


Web Tarif Plein

Billet Royal

Web Billet Royal accès Voiture
Web Billet Royal accès Piéton

FREE for children 0-5 years old, who access the gardens without tickets. 

GROUP RATE (27€) for 30+ tickets. Order by telephone at +33 (0)1 30 83 74 44 (line dedicated to groups, agencies and professionals) or on the spot at the ticket desk.

PRESTIGE TICKET, for a perfect evening:

  • A dedicated car park with entry through the Queen’s gate from 7 pm.
  • Direct access to the site from 7.45 pm.
  • A glass of champagne to enjoy before your visit.


At sunset, discover the Hall of Mirrors and the King's and Queen's Apartments alongside dancers, musicians, baroque singers and actors for the Royal Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors. A unique and privileged experience!

You will then attend the majestic Night Fountains Show, before discovering the fireworks from the Royal Square, an area specially reserved for you, with seats at the bottom of the Green Carpet on the Bosquet side of the Colonnade from 10.50 pm to 11.05 pm, to experience the finale of this magical evening as closely as possible!

Also included in the Royal ticket is a complimentary glass of champagne, to be enjoyed between 8.45pm and 10.45pm at the Royal bar.

Car access

  • A dedicated car park is accessible from the Queen's Gate from 7pm.
  • Direct access to the site via the Grille de Neptune from 7.45pm
  • Meeting point at 8pm sharp in the Lower Vestibule of the Chapel to attend the Royal Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors (ends at 8.50pm)

Pedestrian access

  • Direct access to the site via the Cour d'Honneur from 7.20 pm
  • Meet at Entrance B at 7.30pm sharp to watch the Royal Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors (ends at 8.20pm) 


/!\ All those wishing to access the Queen’s gate car park must have a Prestige or Royal ticket including children between 6 and 17. This ticket is your parking pass.

/!\ Rate available on presale by phone at +33 (0)1 30 83 78 89 (Monday-Friday from 11am to 6pm) or on the website. On the spot, at the entrance of the gardens, ticket for the Night Fountains Show is 33€ (full rate) / 29€ (reduced rate).

The Night Fountains Show is taking place whatever the weather conditions. Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, even in case of bad weather.


Practical information

Every Saturday until September 24th, Thursday July 14th and Monday August 15th 2022.

Download the access map:

→ The Night Fountains Show Access Map - Simple Entry
→ The Night Fountains Show Access Map – Prestige
→ The Night Fountains Show Access Map - Royal Ticket Pedestrian Access
→ The Night Fountains Show Access Map - Royal Ticket Car Access

Download the visit map for :

→ The Night Fountains Show 

- The Grandes Eaux Nocturnes take place regardless of the weather conditions.
- Strolling tours, no seats available.
- All exits are final.

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