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The King's Tour

From Saturday December 11th to Thursday December 30th 2021


With the Compagnie de Danse l’Éventail and the Folies françoises
Marie-Geneviève Massé Artistic director and choreography
Patrick Cohën-Akenine Musical conductor
Olivier Bériot Costumes

With the Midnight Première Company
Jean-Paul Bouron Conductor


For the festive season, immerse yourself in the baroque atmosphere of Château de Versailles, during an exceptional visit and show.

A visit and performance in the Hall of Mirrors and Grand Apartments for the 2021 holiday season with baroque actors, dancers, singers, fencers and musicians.

As night falls and day visitors leave, the Château becomes silent again...

For you only, musicians, dancers, singers and actors are preparing an unforgettable visit in the gilded magnificence of the Grand Apartments. From the Salon d'Hercule to the Queen's Chamber and through the Hall of Mirrors, until the finale in the Gallery of Battles, you will discover the captivating atmosphere of the Royal Court to the sound of baroque music. All generations can enjoy a magical moment in the exceptional environment of Château de Versailles for the holiday season.

Family shows

"The Compagnie de Danse L'Éventail is subsidised by the Ministère de la Culture - DRAC des Pays de la Loire. With the support of the State - Direction régionale des Affaires Culturelles des Pays de la Loire, the Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, the Département de la Sarthe, the Communauté de Communes du Pays sabolien and the town of Sablé-sur-Sarthe.
Designer and choreographer: Marie-Geneviève Massé
Costumes: Olivier Bériot

With the support of the Ménagerie de Verre.

"Based in Orléans in the Centre-Val de Loire region, Les Folies françoises are supported by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Centre-Val de Loire), the Centre-Val de Loire region and the city of Orléans. On specific projects, the ensemble regularly receives support from Mécénat Musical Société Général, Spedidam, Adami, the French Institute, the CNM and its patrons. The ensemble is a member of the FEVIS (federation of specialised vocal and instrumental ensembles), of the Profedim syndicate and is labelled Nouvelles Renaissance(s) en Région Centre-Val de Loire.

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Photo gallery

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Agathe Poupeney

Le Parcours du Roi © Pascal Le Mée


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Hall of Mirrors

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Hall of Mirrors - Access map


Entrée Simple

31€ to 36€
Web Carte CVS
Web Tarif Réduit
Web Tarif Plein


41€ to 48€
Web Carte CVS
Web Tarif Réduit
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Free for children up to 3 years-old.

The staff call on parents to make sure that very young children would stay quiet in order to allow the show to be successful.

PRESTIGE TICKET: the best seating in the Hall of Mirrors, a glass of champagne or a soft drink, a Christmas surprise package after the visit.

REDUCED RATE: for under 18s, students, disability card holders and their carer, Château de Versailles Spectacles and Solo and 1 year in Versailles card holders (Solo or Duo). 

GROUPS (29€/39€): rate up to 30 people, booking by phone only at +33 (0)1 30 83 74 44.


Practical information

Tours at : 18h, 18h25, 18h50, 19h15 et 19h40

Download the access map: 

→ The King's Tour

Starting from 5:30pm, in order to enjoy a free parking, please go direclty towards the central alley of the Place d'Armes upon your arrival. An agent will guide you.
After the performance, the parking exit will also be by the central alley, following the agent's directions.

Sanitary instructions: 

Reception conditions adapted according to the health protocol in force.

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