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Stravaganza d'Amore

Monday February 11th 2019
8 pm | 2h30 with intermission


Lea Desandre soprano 
Eva Zaïcik soprano 
Lucile Richardot alto 
Davy Cornillot tenor 
Emiliano Gonzalez Toro tenor 
Zachary Wilder tenor 
Nicolas Brooymans bass
Renaud Bres bass

Raphaël Pichon Conductor


"Monteverdi’s Orfeo was created in 1607 for the opening of the Mantua carnival; a completely novel creation for voices, it has never ceased to fascinate musicians and music lovers more than four hundred years later! How could such a masterpiece appear, endowed with such beauty, such deep emotion and such perfect architecture, but above all with such dramatic power, at a time where the opera form was only nascent?  

This is precisely the question behind this project, already recorded, which will lead us to discover the surprising musical productions before Orfeo performed at the Medici Court in Florence, an incredibly fertile, sometimes disconcerting laboratory, where the seeds of many elements contained in Orfeo can be traced. At the turn of the 17th century, the Medici city hosted one of the most fascinating moment in the history of music and western art: the birth of the opera."

- Raphaël Pichon -


Stravaganza d'Amore
Italian polychoral diptych 2/2

The birth of Italian opera at the courts of Florence and Mantua in four intermezzos.
Works by Monteverdi, Caccini, Malvezzi, etc.

First interlude: The extravagance of Love

Girolamo Fantini 
La Renuccini (Toccata)

Cristoforo Malvezzi
O fortunato giorno à 12

Giulio Caccini
Ineffabile ardore à 6
O che felice giorno à voix seule 
Ineffabile ardore à 6

Claudio Monteverdi
Lamento della Ninfa
Non havea Febo ancora
Hor ch’el ciel e la terra 
Tirsi a Ciori 
Balliamo ch’el gregge

Second interlude: The Fable of Apollo

First scene: The descent of Apollo

Cristoforo Malvezzi 
Dal vago e bel sereno à 6
O qual risplende à 6

Second scene: Apollo and the Serpent

Marco da Gagliano
"Ohimè che vegg’io" a 5 (extract from Dafne)

Luca Marenzio
Qui di carne si sfama à 12

Alessandro Orologio
Apollo affronta il serpente - Intrada XXIV à 6

Luca Marenzio
O mille volte à 8

Third scene: The Loves of Apollo and Daphne

Marco da Gagliano 
"Piangete, O Ninfe" (extract from Dafne)

Cristoforo Malvezzi
Sinfonia à 6

Claudio Monteverdi
Ahi troppo é duro – Ballo


Third interlude: The tears of Orpheus


Claudio Monteverdi
La lettera amorosa

First scene: The wedding

Lorenzo Allegri 
Gagliarda à 6 – La Noce d’Amour

Jacopo Peri / Giulio Caccini 
"Al ballo, al canto" à 5 (extract from Euridice)

Second scene: Death of Eurydice

Jacopo Peri
"Lassa, che di spavento" (extract from Euridice)

Claudio Monteverdi
Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria
Giove amoroso

Jacopo Peri
"Non piango e non sospiro" (extract from Euridice)
"Cruda morte / Sospirate aure celesti" (extract from Euridice)

Third scene: Hell

Lorenzo Allegri 
Sinfonia à 6 – Spirto del Ciel

Giulio Caccini
"Funeste plagge" (extract from Euridice)

Luca Marenzio
Udite lagrimosi spirti d’Averno

Giulio Caccini
"Trionfi oggi pietà" (extract from Euridice)
"Si trionfaro in guerra" (extract from Euridice)

Fourth scene: the Apotheosis of Orpheus

Jacopo Peri
"Gioite al canto moi / Modi or soavi" (extract from Euridice)

Pietro Antonio Giramo
Festa Riso

Fourth interlude: The Lover's Ball

Giovanni Battista Buonamente
Ballo del Granduca à 7

Cristoforo Malvezzi
Dolcissime sirene à 6
A voi reali amanti à 15 
Coppia gentil à 6

Emilio de Cavalieri
O che Nuovo miracolo à 5/à 3


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