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Rousseau: The Village Soothsayer

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  3. Rousseau: The Village Soothsayer
Fri. 21st and Sat. 22nd of June 2019


Caroline Mutel Soprano, Colette
Mathias Vidal Tenor, Colin
Frédéric Caton Bass-baritone, the soothsayer

Les Nouveaux Caractères
Sébastien d'Hérin Conductor

Caroline Mutel Director

Compagnie Les Corps Éloquents
Hubert Hazebroucq Choregraphy

Midnight Première, Jean-Paul Bouron Costumes
Jean-Paul Gousset Directeur Technical director, manipulation of historical sets


What if a wonderful surprise had been waiting for you for over two centuries in the Queen’s Theatre in the Petit Trianon?

On September 19th 1780, Marie-Antoinette was on stage, in costume, performing with the Troupe du Seigneurs for a public of close friends she invited personally. That evening, she was the heroin of Le Devin du Village (The Village Soothsayer), an opera in one act by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (the philosopher, no less), the most famous work of its time. Come and enjoy the revival of this exceptional evening, a fantasy of the Queen dreaming herself as a shepherdess, with singers and musicians led by Sébastien d’Hérin, in the original sets.

After the success of the recreation of this work in 2017, with its 5th and 6th performances in Marie-Antoinette’s theatre, come and enjoy an exceptional experience with the « revival » of the Devin du Village (The Village Soothsayer’s), with gourmet interludes prepared for you by the chiefs of Waldorf Trianon Palace Versailles in the somptuous French Pavilion. 

Production: Opéra Royal / Château de Versailles Spectacles

Walking dinner by the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace. 


Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
The Village Soothsayer
Interlude in one act performed on September 19th 1780 at the Queen's Theatre, with Marie-Antoinette singing the role of Colette.

This programme has been recorded for the recording label Château de Versailles Spectacles → Buy the CD here

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The Village Soothsayer

The Village Soothsayer

The Village Soothsayer

The Village Soothsayer

The Village Soothsayer


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Video: Backstage at the opera The Village Soothsayer, The Queen's Theatre - 2017

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Single rate.

Walking dinner before and after the concert, complimentary champagne, programme and car park. 

Cocktail dress, dark suit.