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Napoleon in Versailles

From September 11th to 12th 2021
From 11 am to 6 pm


For the Napoleon commemorations, the Château de Versailles is organising the largest historical reenactment of this Bicentenary, in the Estate of Trianon, which Napoleon had intended for his residence. 

300 reenactors in historical costumes, 60 Cavalry horses, the Garde Républicaine in equestrian show formation and in musical battery, will bring to life the famous regiments of the Empire: Chasseurs and Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard, Line Infantry, Light Infantry, Gendarmerie and Artillery, Cuirassiers, Dragons, Hussars, surrounding Napoleon and Prince Murat in his camp.
Troop reviews, firing of cannons, Infantry and Cavalry parades, the Carrousel of the Republican Guard's Lances will mark the two days in a profusion of colourful uniforms recreated with the greatest precision. Jena, Marengo and Austerlitz will be displayed on the flags of the Revolutionary and Imperial armies commanded by Bonaparte.

The public of the two "Napoleon in Versailles" days will walkaround the Gardens of the Grand Trianon to visit and enjoy unrestricted access to the military camps and historical representations, meeting passionate reenactors, who are highly specialised in the period.


  • Reconstruction of a large military camp extending over three meadows: Infantry, Staff and Cavalry. Representations of scenes from the daily life of a regiment, with military calls, public reading of period correspondence, etc.
  • Military manoeuvres, artillery on horseback, demonstrations of military exercises on horseback, firing of cannon (blank) with more than forty horses.
  • Review of the troops, presentation of medals.
  • Alley of traditional trades and demonstrations of period dancing.

Exceptional participation of the Garde Républicaine:

  • Saturday September 11th, presentation by the Batterie Napoléonienne, the special formation of the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Garde Républicaine with drums.
  • Sunday September 12th, presentation by the Carrousel des Lances, special formation of the cavalry regiment of the Garde Républicaine. Military riding carousel in full service dress (helmet, sabre) evoking 19th century battles, to old military tunes.
  • A Relais de poste inn, for a hot meal on site.
Bicentenaire Napoléon | Versailles : Grand Trianon et ses Jardins

Photo gallery

Carrousel des Lances - Garde Républicaine

Adolphe Roehn, Bivouac de Napoléon Ier sur le champ de bataille de Wagram, nuit du 5 au 6 juillet 1809 © EPV / Thomas Garnier

Antoine-Jean Gros, Bonaparte haranguant l'armee avant la bataille des Pyramides, 21 juillet 1798

Pierre Gautherot, Napoléon Ier harangue le deuxième corps de la Grande Armée avant l'attaque d'Augsbourg, 12 octobre 1805 © RMN-Grand Palais (Château de Versailles) - Daniel Arnaudet

Théodore Géricault, Officier de chasseurs à cheval de la garde impériale chargeant

Antoine-Pierre Mongin, Bivouac de Napoléon Ier près du Château d'Esersberg, 4 mai 1809

Portrait of Napoleon I by Andrea Appiani



10€ to 50€
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10€ to 55€
Web Enfant 5 à 10 ans
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FREE for children under 5.

GROUP RATE (15€ on Saturday / 20€ on Sunday) for 30+ tickets. Order by telephone only at +33 (0)1 30 83 74 44.

Any exit is final.

Public in costume not allowed (except for spectators with the "Fête Empire au Grand Trianon / Empire Party at the Grand Trianon" evening ticket).

"NAPOLEON IN VERSAILLES" ticket only gives access to this event (it does not guarantee access to the Musical Fountains Show, the Grand Trianon, the Domain of Marie-Antoinette or the Queen's Hamlet...).

Tickets cannot be exchanged or reimbursed.
No refund of purchase is possible. The event will be maintained in case of rain.
No duplicate will be delivered, even in case of loss or theft.

For people with reduced mobility, please contact ticket office directly on +33 (0)1 30 83 78 89 to buy your tickets.

Practical information

Access via Grille de la Reine (1 Boulevard de la Reine) or by the Porte Saint Antoine (on D186).
Entrance to the event: Grille du Bassin des Nymphes, follow signs from Place d'Armes du Grand Trianon.

Paying access via Grille de la Reine (1 Boulevard de la Reine): Place d'Armes du Grand Trianon park and Petit Trianon park.

No picnics.
Dogs are not allowed inside the Grand Trianon and its gardens, even on a lead.



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    Time :

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    Time :

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