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Molière/Charpentier: Les Plaisirs de Versailles

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Thursday January 13th 2022
8 pm | 1h30 without intermission


Caroline Weynants, Caroline Bardot, Eugénie Lefebvre Soprano
Blandine de Sansal Mezzo-soprano
Clément Debieuvre, Vojtech Semerad Tenors
Etienne Bazola Basse

Ensemble Correspondances
Sébastien Daucé Conductor


Extracts from Le Mariage forcé, Le SicilienLes Plaisirs de VersaillesLe Malade imaginaire

When Louis XIV was in his prime and Versailles in its infancy, royal festivities were the main adornments of his gardens, and the brilliant entertainments of the French Court were admired throughout Europe...

A great amount of music was performed at these prestigious events, and not only Lully's: the duo Molière / Charpentier was very present in this period. Le Malade Imaginaire was performed in Versailles in front of the Thetis Grotto in 1674 during the Royal Festivities for the Conquest of the Franche Comté.

Les Plaisirs de Versailles, a divertimento given for the inauguration of the Soirées d'Appartements in Versailles in 1682, depicts the enjoyable activities that take place during these evenings at the invitation of the King: music, games, conversation... amidst buffets and dances.

Sébastien Daucé and his Ensemble Correspondances, experts in 17th century French music, bring these Plaisirs de Versailles to life with splendid colours!


Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704)

Le Mariage forcé
Opening of La Comtesse d'Escarbagnas
« La, la, la, bonjour »

Le Sicilien
« Beauté dont la rigueur s’acharne sur mon cœur amoureux »

Le Mariage forcé
« Les Grotesques »
« O la belle symphonie »

Les Plaisirs de Versailles
Scene 1 La Musique
Scene 2 La Musique, la Conversation et le Chœur
Scene 3 Un des Plaisirs
Scene 4 Le Jeu et les susdits

Le Malade imaginaire
Interlude of the Italians

Lire la suite

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©François Berthier

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