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Le Coucher du Roi

Monday June 27th 2022
From 7pm to midnight


Marielou Jacquard, Eugénie LefebvreSoprano
Etienne Bazola, Marc Mauillon Basse-taille
Josèphe Cottet, Paul Monteiro, Birgit Goris, Béatrice Linon Violins
Thomas Leconte, Valérie Balssa German flutes
Mathilde Vialle,Louise Bouedo, Julie Dessaint, Etienne Floutier, Robin PharoViolas
Antoine Touche Violin bass
Guillaume Haldenwang, Loris Barrucand  Harpsichord
Romain Falik, Thibaut Roussel, Léo Brunet Theorbo and guitar

Thibaut Roussel Conductor

Cocktail dinatoire 


Louis XIV was a King of Music: as shown by all the works composed for his “official” life, with Lully’s lyric tragedies, open-air carrousels and fanfares, Lalande’s Symphonies for the King’s suppers, Grands Motets for the Royal Chapel… But who knows the Sun King’s intimate music?

In the evening, the private apartment has its own compositions, played by the best musicians of the court. The harpsichord, viola da gamba and luth take precedence over drums and trumpets; the most magnificent singers stand a few steps away from the sovereign, in his bedchamber, to give him some musical beauty to nourish royal dreams…Around 1713, Lalande, the music superintendent brings together some musicians “requested by the King”: Marin Marais, Robert de Visée, Michel de la Barre, and asks them to come after the Grand Coucher, to present to Louis a last, informal and intimate moment of music.


For this exceptional evening, Thibaut Roussel has brought together the best musicians for a revival of the Couchers du Roi. The recording of this programme, made at the Château for the Château de Versailles Spectacles collection, will be released at the same time as the concert. An exceptional moment in perspective...

Available in the discographic collection of Château de Versailles Spectacles' label.

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The King's Apartment

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Billet Ambassadeur

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Billet Prince

Web Tarif Plein

AMBASSADOR TICKET: Free placement in the category. Cocktail dinner throughout the evening, champagne.

PRINCE TICKET: Free placement in the category. Cocktail dinner throughout the evening, delicacies and champagne, an exclusive moment.

To ensure the best welcome possible, people with limited mobility are advised to book their seats by telephone at +33 (0)1 30 83 78 89.

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