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Jean-Baptiste Robin: Organ recital

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  3. Jean-Baptiste Robin: Organ recital
Tuesday December 3rd 2019
8 pm | 1h without intermission


Jean-Baptiste Robin Organ
David Guerrier Trumpet
Laurent Sauron Percussion


For the release of his CD of Jean-François Dandrieu’s works for the organ in the Château de Versailles Spectacles collection, Jean-Baptiste Robin is proposing a concert full of musical surprises: accompanied at the trumpet by the virtuoso David Guerrier, he offers a panorama of baroque music using the power of the great organ and the impact of the brilliant pieces “with trumpet and drum”, designed to magnify the court and its victories.

From the Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs by Lully to the Concert de Trompettes pour les Fêtes sur le canal de Versailles, a celebration of King Louis XIV in his Chapel! This recital retraces the most dazzling moments, highlighting the art of the King’s organist at the apogee of French baroque: Jean-Baptiste Robin, the Versailles Royal Chapel’s organist, plays the great organ with rich majesty, nourished by a decade playing this historical instrument.

With the support of Eurosearch & Associates.


Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
La marche des turcs et ses doubles * (adaptation Jean-Baptiste Robin)

Nicolas Lebègue (1631-1702)
Prélude, Duo, Fugue, Echo, Les Cloches

Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani (1638-1693)
Sonata Prima**

Jean-Baptiste Robin (1976)
Solo n° 1 (extrait des Trois Solos)

Louis Marchand (1669-1732)
Plein Jeu à six voix, Tierce en taille, Basse de trompette, Te Deum

Michel-Richard de Lalande (1657-1726)
Concert de Trompettes pour les Fêtes sur le canal de Versailles***

Jean-François Dandrieu (1682-1738)
Magnificat du deuxième ton
Plein Jeu, Duo, Récit de Nazard, Basse de Cromorne, Trio, Dialogue
Noël : Bon Joseph écoutez-moi. *Tambourin

Louis-Claude Daquin (1694-1772)
Noël X ***

* for organ and percussion
** for organ and trumpet
*** for orfan, trumpet and percussion

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