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Jacquet de La Guerre : Céphale et Procris

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  3. Jacquet de La Guerre : Céphale et Procris
Tuesday 24th January 2023
20h l 2h including intermission


Due to an event organised by the Elysée at the Château de Versailles, we are forced to postpone the date of the concert Céphale et Procris / Jacquet de La Guerre
Initial date: Sunday 22 January 2023 at 3pm
Postponed date: Tuesday 24 January 2023 at 8pm

Reinoud Van Mechelen Céphale, Nerée
Ema Nikolovska L'Aurore
Déborah Cachet Procris
Lore Binon Flore, Dorine
Gwendoline Blondeel Iphis, La Prêtresse
Marc Mauillon La Jalousie
Lisandro Abadie Borée, Pan
Samuel Namotte Arcas

Chœur de Chambre de Namur
A Nocte Temporis
Reinoud Van Mechelen Conductor


Lyric tragedy in a prologue and five acts to a libretto by Joseph-François Duché de Vancy, based on the myth of Cephalus and Procris in Ovid's Metamorphoses, first performed at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in 1694.

1694: the first French opera composed by a woman, Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, was first performed on the stage of the Académie royale de musique, at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal.

Cephalus and Procris, inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, tells the fateful destiny of two Greek lovers, whom the plots of the jealous and amorous gods will drive to the blindness and horror of revenge: Cephalus inadvertently kills Procris, convinced that she is unfaithful to him, and in his infinite sorrow he takes his own life...

Aged only eight, she was introduced to Louis XIV, who admired the talented young harpsichordist. Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre remained at court for several years, her reputation as an inspired virtuoso growing with age. A brilliant character, she found the means to become a composer at a time when such freedom was almost unheard of for a woman. In addition to cantatas, a harpsichord book dedicated to Louis XIV published in 1687 and religious pieces, she composed three operas, of which only her opus magnum survives, with this mythological piece, which is still awaiting resurrection...

This lyrical tragedy, strongly inspired by Lully, marked the entry of a woman composer on the French stage: a first, but also a successful gamble, with six performances and a reputation for the work that has remained famous throughout the last century and still arouses curiosity today. In a distinguished career as a countertenor, Reinoud Van Mechelen also wishes to conduct the works he wants to defend at all costs: today, at the head of his ensemble A Nocte Temporis he revives Cephalus and Procris in concert and on record, with a dream cast.

This show will be recorded in CD for the Château Versailles Spectacle label

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