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Handel: La Resurrezione

Sunday November 24th 2019
2h20 with intermission


Jeanine De Bique Soprano
Caroline Mutel Soprano
Delphine Galou Contralto
Hugo Hymas Tenor
Frédéric Caton Bass

Les Nouveaux Caractères
Sébastien d’Hérin Musical conductor


After his first experience at the Hamburg Opera, Handel left for Italy, whose arts were brilliantly shining around the world. He often resided in Rome during the years 1706-1710, the Papal city was alive with creativity and had attentive patrons. One of them, Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli gave him his most beautiful Roman orders: Dixit Dominus and shortly after a major oratorio in Italian, La Resurezzione. At the time, a ruling of the pope forbade the performance of operas in Rome, and Handel found refuge in an allegoric oratorio, where he could develop all his lyrical art and his genius for drama, protected from censorship (or almost…).

Created on Easter Sunday April 8th 1708, La Resurezzione was richly performed: a large orchestra with forty musicians was conducted by maestro Corelli and as for the singers, there were 1 bass, 1 tenor, 2 castrati and the famous diva Durasanti. A sacrilege in the Holy City. The Pope obtained her replacement by a castrato for the second concert.

This oratorio retraces the passion and resurrection of Christ. He is not present, but St John, Mary Magdalene and Mary of Cleophas witness the action, with the Divine Angel as their support and the abominable Lucifer as their enemy. He opens the work by refusing to bow before Christ, who is forcing his entry into Hell… Handel’s writing is clearly dramatic, and he gives us a religious opera to hear, with all affects pertaining thereto, from fury to grief. And what style: with exceptional variety of instruments, scenes follow one after the other, calling on the virtuosity and the grace of interpreters, without ever relieving the pressure of a work which reveals more each time you listen to it.

Concert in Italian with surtitles in French and English

Royal Chapel

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