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Couperin: Concert in the theatrical style

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  3. Couperin: Concert in the theatrical style
Wednesday November 28th 2018
8.30 pm | 1h10 without intermission


Perinne Devillers, Adèle Carlier, Rachel Redmond Sopranos
Virgile Ancely Bass

Capriccio Stravagante
Skip Sempé Conductor


2018 will mark the 350th anniversary of François Couperin’s birth.
A perfect occasion to hear Capriccio Stravagante and Skip Sempé in their programme Concert in the theatrical style.

The purpose of this programme is to reveal Couperin’s theatrical music, with a new version of the eighth concert of Les Goûts Réunis, designed by Skip Sempé as what was originally probably a ballet act. In line with its subtitle, in the theatrical manner, the programme includes all the movements of the concert as divertimentos, completed by all Couperin’s court arias. This entertaining concert in the spirit of the 17th century is designed as a light divertimento in the style of Charpentier or Lully.

The Concert in the theatrical style was recorded by Capriccio Stravagante and Skip Sempé when it premiered in 2001. The recording – a bestseller of baroque music – will be reissued by the label Paradizo in September 2018, for the 2018 Couperin year.


François Couperin (1668-1733)
Concert in the theatrical style

Prologue: Pilgrimage to Cythera
Aria: Noble
Grand ritornello: Grave
Serious aria: Recluses: on the Isle of Cythera
Gentle aria 

Divertimento I: Zéphire modère (Zephyr temper…)
Light aria
Serious Aria: Brunete: Zéphire, modère en ces lieux (Zephyr temper here…)
Loure: Heavy

Divertimento II: La Carte du Tendre (The Map of Love)
Serious aria: Serious and gentle
Serious aria: Qu’on ne me dise plus que c’est la seule absence (Do not tell me it is absence only)

Divertimento III: Playful love
Aria: animated and light
Drinking song: Epitaph for a lazy man: Jean s’en alla comme il était venu (Jean left as he came)
Canon for 3: La femme entre deux draps (The woman between sheets)
Canon for 3: A moy! Tout est perdu! (Help me! All is lost!)
Serious aria:  La  Pastorelle: il faut aimer des qu’on scait plaire  (Love as soon as you know to be attractive)

Divertimento IV: In the Temple of Love
Serious aria: Les Pellerines: Au temple de l’Amour, Pellerines de Cythère (To the Temple of Love, Pilgrims of Cythera)
Serious aria: Doux liens de mon coeur (Sweet bonds of my heart)
Gentle aria: Slow
Three country vestals and three rogues: Quel bruit soudain vient troubler nos retraites ? (What noise suddenly disturbs our peace?)

Divertimento V: Pleasures of the Enchanted Island
Light aria
Serious aria: Vaudeville: Faisons du temps un doux usage (Let us make sweet use of time)
L’Amphibie: Passacaglia
Serious aria: Musette: A l’ombre d’un ormeau (Under the shadow of an elm)

Return: A tribute to our loved ones
Saraband: grave and gentle


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Couperin, Prélude en la majeur - Capriccio Stravagante

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