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Berlioz: Solemn Mass / Martini: Requiem in memoriam Louis XVI

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Saturday June 29th 2019
8 pm | 2h30 with intermission


Adriana Gonzalez Soprano
Julien Behr Tenor
Andreas Wolf Bass-Baritone

Le Concert Spirituel
Hervé Niquet Conductor



Before his monumental Requiem and his not less ambitious Te Deum, Berlioz had already composed religious music, a Solemn Mass performed in Saint-Roch in 1825, long thought lost. It was only rediscovered in 1992 in Antwerp. These remarkable pages offer an insight into the evolution of Berlioz’s style – already revolutionary in his young years – and to understand what the artist owes to the observation of his contemporaries’ works.

We know that the composer heard Cherubini’s sacred music and read his professor’s, Lesueur, at the library, but we forget that he was also well versed in the music played at the Tuileries Chapel or at the Saint-Denis Basilica, such as Plantade, Paisiello and Martini’s masses. The latter, in particular, left a Requiem performed for the anniversary of Louis XVI’s death in 1815, although it was probably finished in 1811.

Beyond similar choral composition and an identical group of three soloists (soprano, tenor and bass), it is mostly the originality of the ideas and the fusion of Italian and French styles that connect the two works.

Coproduction: Palazzetto Bru Zane France, AIDA/Festival Berlioz, Le Concert Spirituel.


Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)
Solemn Mass

Johann Paul Aegidius Martini (1741-1816)
Mass for the dead with a lare orchestra dedicated to the memory of the most famous composers

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