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How to get to Versailles by public transport?

→ Check our access section here "Getting here".

What time is the last train?

  • From Versailles Rive Gauche railway station 11:55 pm
  • From Versailles Rive Droite railway station 12:15 am
  • From Versailles Chantiers railway station 12:31 am

Where can I park my car? Is it far to the show site?

You can park your car on the Place d'Armes (free of charge after 7:30 pm).

If there is no room left in the car park, you can park your car in the city's other car parks or in the streets around the Palace.

→ Tourist Information Center – Versailles' car parks

To get to the various shows sites and the gardens, you just have to walk through the Court of Honour of the Palace.

Can I come with my dog?

Dogs are not allowed in the grounds of the Palace and the gardens.
They are nonetheless welcome in the Park.

Can I come with a stroller?

Strollers are not allowed in the Palace. They can be kept at the left luggage office. But they are welcome in the gardens.


What is the difference between the Musical Fountains Show, the Night Fountains Show and the Musical Gardens ?

The Musical Fountains Show, the Night Fountains Show and the Musical Gardens are musical walks in the Gardens. The groves, usually closed to the public are accessible at these events.

  Musical Fountains Show Night Fountains Show Musical Gardens Electro night Fountains Show Fire Night Show
Opening of the groves x x x x x
Fountain displays x x   x x
Musical accompaniment x x x x x
Lighting   x   x x
Fireworks   x   x x

What is the difference between the Prestige Ticket, the Royal Ticket and the Combined ticket ? 

  Prestige Ticket Royal Ticket Combined Ticket
Parking area x x
Neptune access x x  
Champagne x x
Sérénade Royale   x x 

How long does the Fountains Night Show last?

Approximately 2 hours ½, from the opening of the Gardens at 8:30pm till the end of the fireworks at 11:05pm.

In case of bad weather, will the shows be cancelled?

No, the shows are maintained. The Musical Fountains Show is a walk around the gardens. The shows are rarely cancelled (only when bad weather requires us to close the Gardens). The open-air shows will be cancelled in case of bad weather likely to affect the show. In that case, you will be informed on our website.

Can I take pictures during the Night Fountains Shows, Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens?

Yes, you can take pictures for your personal (non-commercial) use during these events in the gardens. The use of tripods is tolerated during the Night Fountains Shows (and Royal Serenade). 

Tickets and admission prices

Who are the retail partners of Versailles Electro 2023?

I already have my tickets, at what time should I arrive?

• The doors to shows inside the Palace (the Royal Opera, the Royal Chapel, the Hall of Mirrors etc.) open one hour before the show starts. Entrance is not allowed once the show has started.

• Access to the Musical Fountains Show is allowed during performance.

Where can I collect tickets purchased at the last minute, or not received?

• If you booked your tickets on the same day or in the 3 days prior to the show, you can collect them on the evening of the show at the Ticket Desk or Prepaid Ticket Desk situated at the entrance to the show site.

• If you should have received your tickets at home as you booked your tickets more than 4 days before the show, you may call the Booking Service on +33 (0)1 30 83 78 89 to organize duplicates (from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday for the shows taking place on Saturday evening).

then you should collect your duplicates at the Ticket Desk or Prepaid Ticket Desk situated at the entrance to the show site.

Where is the box office for shows at Versailles?

You can buy your tickets at the box office-shop of Château Versailles Spectacles, 3 bis rue des Réservoirs at Versailles. 
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm without interruption, and on Saturdays with shows ( Operas, concerts, recitals, ballets) from 2pm to 5pm.
Saturdays with the Night Fountains Show from 11 am to 5 pm.

I am 26 years old. Can I get a discount ticket as a young visitor?

No, the discount ticket is only available to those aged under 26, until the last day of their 25th year.

What is the difference between a member of the Circle of Corporate Patrons of the Royal Opera and a subscriber to the Royal Opera?

Membership to the Circle of Corporate Patrons of the Royal Opera allows you to make your own selection among shows from our seasonal program. It also gives free access to the #Musical Fountains and to the #Musical Gardens Shows.
Subscription to the Royal Opera gives you reduced admission price to certain shows on specific days.

Can I buy tickets for a show on the evening of the performance? Is there a discount for last minute tickets?

Yes, you can buy tickets at the Ticket Desk of the Royal Opera on the evening of the performance, provided there are seats available.
The prices are the same as if you buy them by phone or online.

What cards do you take at the Fountains Shows booths?

We accept the following cards: Carte Bleue (CB), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, International Diners' Club and Union Pay.


Are there toilets in the Gardens?

Toilets are available in the Court of Honour, in the Court of Princes, in the Grand Trianon and at the entrance to the Grand Canal (Petite Venise).

Where is the Opera?

The #Royal Opera is located inside the Palace. The entrance is through gate B, on your right in the Court of Honour, next to the Royal Chapel.

Map – Royal Opera

Are there picnic areas in the Gardens?

Yes, there are designated picnic areas during the Musical Fountains and Musical Gardens Shows

Can I rent an electric car for the Night Fountains Show ? Does the little train run at night?

No, neither the electric car nor the little train are available at night. However they are available during the daytime Musical Fountains Show.

Where can I find accommodation in Versailles within walking distance of the Palace?

You can find a list of accommodation facilities at Versailles Tourist Information Center available on request on +33 (0)1 39 24 88 88.

→ More info - Tourist information Center

Where can I have a bite in Versailles before the show?

You can find a list of restaurants at Versailles Tourist Information Center available on request on +33 (0)1 39 24 88 88.
A bar is open during each show.

→ More info - Tourist information Center

The Palace

Is the Palace open today? What time does it close?

See the opening days and hours of the Palace of Versailles.
→ Plan your visit at the Palace of Versailles

Download the audioguide of the Palace and the Estate of Trianon included in the Palace of Versailles App.

I would like to visit the Marie-Antoinette's Estate / the Trianon during daytime and then attend the Night Fountains Show / the Royal Serenade. Do I have to buy a ticket to the Musical Fountains Show if I want to go through the Gardens?

You need to buy two different tickets to attend the Musical Fountains Show and the double bill the Night Fountains Show / the Royal Serenade . You thus need to buy another ticket to go through the Gardens during the Musical Fountains Show.
If you do not wish to buy another ticket, you can take an alternative route through the Park and the city.