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Support one of the greatest Concert Halls in the world and help us keep the music playing in the Palace of Versailles as it has been playing for over 300 years.

Each season, The Royal Opera presents a magnificent program of works from the Baroque era: period opera from the 17th through the 19th centuries, ballet, concerts and recitals. Each year thousands of spectators from all over the world rediscover gems and historical masterpieces, and enjoy the immense beauty of this world heritage.

If you have been moved by our performances and inspired by the exquisiteness of the Royal Opera, please consider making a special contribution to show your love for Versailles and its Opéra Royal.

Your donation will protect the future of the Royal Opera and ensure the production of splendid operas, ballets and concerts on its unique stage.

Thanks to people like you this extraordinary revival of the Royal Opera will endure and people from all over the world will continue to marvel at this venue with the great masterpieces of our heritage.


30€   50€  75€

100€  500€ 

1000€   Other Amount

You can also make a donation by bank transfer
Use the information below to make a donation by bank transfer.

Tax Reduction

If you are a French tax resident your donations, occasional or regular, are deductible up to:

  • 66% of your income tax, limited to 20% of your taxable income
  • 75% of your wealth tax, up to 50 000 €
  • 60% of your corporate tax

If you are a resident of the United States, please contact us as your donation can benefit from a tax reduction under US law by donating through the French American Cultural Foundation.

If you are a resident of the EU, please contact us as ADOR (The Friends of the Royal Opera) is part of the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, which allows European donors to benefit from tax advantages in their country of residence.


For more information on making a donation to The Royal Opera of Versailles, please contact us
T: + 33 1 30 83 70 92 / e-mail:

A Foundation for the Royal Opera of Versailles

The Foundation of the Royal Opera acts to perpetuate the season of concerts and operas at the Palace of Versailles and supports educational projects.

ADOR – The Friends of The Royal Opera
By joining the Friends of the Royal Opera, you will fully enjoy a sumptuous musical season, have access to exclusive benefits, and you will protect the future of music at the Palace of Versailles.

The Circle of the Royal Opera
The Circle brings together corporations that support the excellence of its artistic programming, which is source of wonders, passions and inspirations for all of us.

The Royal Opera
 Inaugurated in 1770 during the reign of Louis XV, it was at the time the largest concert hall in Europe, and was also a great technical achievement and an impressive feat of decorative refinement.

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Corporate Partnerships

Companies are key players in terms of shows at the Palace of Versailles. Donations, skills partnerships, membership of the Donors Circle as well as events at the Opera, reservation of boxes for the season: thanks to their commitment, companies allow Château de Versailles Spectacles to stage an outstanding programme and ambitious projects.

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Our Corporate Patrons

Château de Versailes Spectacles gratefully thanks the following companies for their extraordinary commitment and loyalty to The Royal Opera.

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Our Partners

Château de Versailles wishes to thank its partners for the season.

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The partnerships

Support our shows through the commitment that reflects your image. 

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