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Launch of a recording label Château de Versailles Spectacles

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  2. Launch of a recording label Château de Versailles...

The tenth musical season at the Versailles Royal Opera will begin in September 2018. It will propose a programme in which French and international opera productions, recitals and prestigious concerts will be mixed and matched, and in which works from the baroque repertoire will have pride of place. The collection of recordings and of video shootings launched on this occasion, entirely recorded at the Château de Versailles, a high level international tourist attraction (8 million visitors every year!) will preserve the memory of the concerts which have the stamp of the Royal Opera and of the Royal Chapel .

Since September 2009, the restored Royal Opera has reopened its doors to the public. In ten years, Château de Versailles Spectacles has presented more than six hundred performances in different musical venues within Versailles: by presenting for the first time since 1770, operas, concerts and ballet before a steadily growing public, it is a “new” opera theatre which has become part of the French and international musical landscape.

In Versailles, music resounded all the time and in every corner. From sunrise to sunset, it accompanied the great moments of life at Court, in the Chapel, at the Opera, during dinners and at the hunts, for festivities naturally, in the woods and in the gardens, the Trianon too. Music has taken back its place today, thanks to Château de Versailles Spectacles whose passion brings this sumptuous palace back to life again with the works which enlivened it for over a century.

This new label is the proof of it, publishing the recordings of the concerts given at the Château.Release in all the usual sales points, as well as in the official store of the Château de Versailles and at each concert by the record store of the Royal Opera.

Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Les Arts Florissans
Idylle en musique
Ensemble Marguerite Louise
Conducted by Gaétan Jarry
Release on September 14th 2018

André Campra, L'Europe Galante (CD)
Les Nouveaux Caractères
Conducted by Sébastien d’Hérin
Release on September 28th 2018

Michael Praetorius, Messe de Noël (DVD)
Gabrieli Consort and Players
Conducted by Paul McCreesh
Release on october 12th 2018

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Le Devin du Village (CD/DVD)
Les Nouveaux Caractères
Conducted by Sébastien d’Hérin
Release on October 26th 2018


  • Michael Praetorius, Messe de Noël, Paul McCreesh, DVD
  • G. F. Haendel, Le Couronnement Royal de George II d’Angleterre, Robert King, DVD
  • Francesco Cavalli, Missa Concertata, Benjamin Chénier, CD
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully, Phaéton, Vincent Dumestre, DVD
  • F. Colin de Blamont & E.J.A. Blanchard, La Guerre des Te Deum, Daniel Cuiller, CD
  • La Messe du Roi Soleil, Gaétan Jarry, CD

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