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Contemporary Art

Each year since 2008, Versailles hosts an exhibition of a major contemporary artist.

This creates facinating confrontation between major works by Jules Hardouin Mansart, André Lenôtre, Charles Lebrun, Jacques Ange Gabriel of the Baroque era and the contemporary vision of todays artists : Jeff Koons, Xavier Veilhan, Takashi Murakami, Bernard Venet, Joana Vasconselos, Giuseppe Penone, Lee Ufan et Anish Kapoor.

These encounters, sometimes emphasising contrast and synthesis, show Versailles as a living site always open to creativity. 


Versailles - Visible / Invisible

From May 14th to October 20th 2019

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Hiroshi Sugimoto

From October 16th 2018 to February 17th 2019

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Winter Journey

From October 22nd 2017 to January 7th 2018

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Olafur Eliasson

From June 7th to October 30th 2016

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Anish Kapoor

From June 9th to November 1st 2015

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Lee Ufan

From June 17th to November 2nd 2014

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From June 11th to October 30th 2013

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Joana Vasconcelos

From June 19th to September 30th 2012

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Bernar Venet

From June 1st to November 1st 2011


Takashi Murakami

From September 14th to December 12th 2010


Xavier Veilhan

From September 13th to December 13th 2009


Jeff Koons

From September 10th 2008 to January 4th 2009