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  2. Access and security control measures

For your security, Château de Versailles Spectacles and the Public Establishment of the Palace of Versailles have reinforced their access control measures:

Access to the Château de Versailles performances

  • Limited access to the Palace, exclusively through its main entrance: the Court of Honour for pedestrians.
  • Control by the National Estate of Versailles security agents from access to the Court of Honour to inside the building.
  • Passage through a detection portico at the entrance of the building.
  • Systematic visual control of spectators, and occasionally request to open wide garments.

Access to the Court of Honour car parks

  • Car parks initially organised in the Court of Honour for our performances have been moved to the Place d'Armes.
  • Paid parking during the day. In the evening, free parking from 7 pm. Access through the central road on the Place d'Armes.

Handbags and bags

  • Systematic control of handbags and bags.
  • No bag larger than a handbag can be accepted on the site of Château de Versailles.

Thank you for your understanding and your attention.

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Who are we

As a subsidiary of the Public Establishment of the Museum and National Estate of Versailles, the purpose of Château de Versailles Spectacles is to maintain the tradition of the Musical Fountains Show, which attracts more than a million spectators every year, and to create a season of live shows and outstanding events.

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